My mathematical history – Eddie Diaz

Hey Everyone! My name is Eddie, I was born and raised here in Brooklyn, NY my whole life. I am 18, currently a freshman and plan to major in Computer Science. I am taking Calculus because it is a requirement, however, I would have still taken the class if it wasn’t because I have great interest and passion for it.

Math and science are my favorite subjects since Elementary School and I don’t think that will ever change. I was in honors math throughout high school and all of my math teachers except one were amazing. My trigonometry teacher couldn’t control his class and barely taught which resulted in my lack of understanding in that course and barely passing the regents (apart from the fact that it IS a hard class). I took Calculus my junior year of high school but was placed in this course because I didn’t meet the passing requirement for the AP Calculus test. I finished high school with a 3.7 GPA and look to better that in college, I look forward to learning a whole lot more in this course and many more to come.

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