My mathmatical history- Jorge Albuja

Hey everyone how are you? My name is Jorge Albuja, I’m 18 and just graduated from James Madison high school this year on June. I was born and raised here in Brooklyn New York and plan on staying here for maybe 10 years or more. I want to study mechanical engineering because I love learning a lot about math and science. Math I love learning about numbers and graphs and for science I enjoy learning about animals and the enviornment. I’m taking calculus and physics here in city tech so I can prepare myself to become the engineer I want to be. I took pre-calculus in high school so I’m sure I’ll be fine for calculus, and for physics, I’ve been told it’s the same so I’m not too worried about it. I am a bit worried about the web work because my computer just loves to freeze on me and I’m not too used to using it often. Guess I have to use break that and use my PC more often 🙂 Hope you all enjoy calculus!!!

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