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Derivative as a function – link from today’s class

Here’s the link I promised from today’s class: derivative as a function. The red curve is the graph of the original function . The orange curve is the graph of the derivative of the original function . You can drag … Continue reading

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Test #1 – Monday, October 6

This is to update information from our course procedures document. Our first test will be held in class on Monday, October 6. It will cover everything on the course outline up to and including section 3.2.

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WebWork — Sunday, September 28 and Tuesday, September 30

In Monday’s class we’ll finally get back to instantaneous rates of change and slopes of tangent lines. Now we know all about evaluating limits, so we won’t have to go through creating these tables of values to guess the slopes … Continue reading

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Quiz #2 – Wednesday, September 17

This week’s quiz will cover material/problems from sections 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 of your text as well as from the Limits – Intro and Limits – Continuity WebWork sets.

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WebWork – Sunday, September 21

You have two WebWork sets due next Sunday night: Limits – Continuity Limits – Algebraic – Trig After completing the Limits – Intro set you should have a pretty good idea of how to start these two sets.

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Study resources.

These are some web sites and YouTube channel that might help you when the professor isn’t available for help.(please add more under this post, in the comment section,if you have other websites or YouTube channel, that could be useful. Khan … Continue reading

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A limit example on YouTube

There are lots of videos all over the internet that can help you with the topics you’ll see in this class. I happened upon one today that relates to the topics we talked about in today’s class. If you’re interested … Continue reading

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WebWork – Discussion

You can create a post and add the category Discussion (from the categories at the lower-right of the “Add New Post” screen) and it will appear on the Discussion page of the site.  This can be used for any classroom … Continue reading

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My mathematical history – Malik

My name is Malik Folkes I am eighteen years old and was born and raised in Queens, New York. My major as of right now is computer engineering and I’m taking this class because it is mandatory. I enjoy playing … Continue reading

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My mathmatical history-ye,fan

Hello. My name is Fan,21years old and this my second years in America.Also I am majoring in civil Engineering.In my free time, I prefer to reading at home, but that not means I am a quiet boy. In fact, I’m … Continue reading

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