End of the Semester Schedule

As I have mentioned, I am going to miss the end of the semester because I have to get surgery on my neck (the injury that’s been an issue all semester).


Here’s the schedule:

Monday 5/6:(Prof. Paruolo) Peer Reviews of Essay #3 Draft

Wednesday 5/8: (Prof. Paruolo) Prep for the Final Exam

Monday 5/13: (Prof. Paruolo’s last day) Begin Get Out

Wednesday 5/15: (substitute) finish Get Out + Discussion

Monday 5/20: (substitute) Final Exam– BE ON TIME!

Wednesday 5/22: (substitute) Hand in Essay #3 Final + Self-Evaluation (in-class)

  • I will still be grading all of your work, including your Final Exam.
  • I will NOT be available via email from 5/15-5/22.
  • Your final grade for the course will be available on CUNYfirst on 5/29 or 5/30.
  • Essay #3 CANNOT be handed in after 5pm on 5/22. NO EXCEPTIONS. DON’T EVEN ASK.

Extra Credit

I do not usually give extra credit, but there are two great events coming up at City Tech that go along with what will be doing in the next (and last!) portion of the course– so I am giving you an opportunity to earn extra credit (to supplement your class preparation and participation grade– worth 15% of your total grade).

Extra Credit Assignment

  1. Attend one of the following events.
  2. Check in with Professor Paruolo at the event.
  3. Listen/Take notes at the event.
  4. Write a 250-300 word (~1 page) response paper discussing what you thought of the readings and discussion at the event. Must be typed, double-spaced, 12pt, Times New Roman, etc.
  5. Submit response paper by Monday 4/29 @ beginning of class.  NO EXCEPTIONS– this is already extra credit.

Event #1: Reading by Willie Perdomo on Thursday, 4/11 @ 1pm in A209

Event #2: Literary Arts Festival, Reading by Jose Olivarez, Thursday 4/18 @ 5:30 in the Theater in the New Academic Building.


Reminders for Monday

Your Research Paper Outline is DUE Monday at the beginning of class.

– you must bring TWO printed, stapled copies of your outline

– you must cite ALL information in your outline that comes from an outside source

– you must also submit an MLA Works Cited page for ALL sources used in the outline

– remember that the outline is just that, an outline, not a full paper– don’t worry about putting everything into perfect sentences now, just figure out what needs to go in each part and make that clear through your notes

– there are FOUR parts of the outline that must appear in complete sentences: the Thesis Statement and the Topic Sentences for each of your three reasons

For Wed 3/27

No reading to do for class tomorrow.

I will be collecting Essay #1 Final (with draft and Revision Memo) and the Essay #2 Research Proposal.

We will catch up on the first three social justice topics and watch some documentary clips in preparation for our discussion of the last social justice issue, crime in the United States.


For class this week…

I apologize for the last minute cancellation last week and the lack of direction since then. I ended up in the hospital, so things have been a bit rough.  I am home and will be fine soon, but I won’t be in class tomorrow–however, you will be! We have missed too many classes so far this term, so I have to send in a substitute professor. This means that attendance will be taken, and there will be a response journal question at the beginning of class.

I will explain things in more detail when I get back (hopefully Wednesday), but for now the following should answer your most pressing questions:

  • Essay #1 Final Version (with Revision Memo and Draft) will be handed in Wed 3/27.
  • Essay #2 Research Proposal (directions in Research Packet) will be handed in Wed 3/27.
  • Read one of the articles on Wealth for class tomorrow, Mon 3/25.

Stay on schedule with all other readings and due dates.