For class this week…

I apologize for the last minute cancellation last week and the lack of direction since then. I ended up in the hospital, so things have been a bit rough.  I am home and will be fine soon, but I won’t be in class tomorrow–however, you will be! We have missed too many classes so far this term, so I have to send in a substitute professor. This means that attendance will be taken, and there will be a response journal question at the beginning of class.

I will explain things in more detail when I get back (hopefully Wednesday), but for now the following should answer your most pressing questions:

  • Essay #1 Final Version (with Revision Memo and Draft) will be handed in Wed 3/27.
  • Essay #2 Research Proposal (directions in Research Packet) will be handed in Wed 3/27.
  • Read one of the articles on Wealth for class tomorrow, Mon 3/25.

Stay on schedule with all other readings and due dates.


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