My Literary Experiences

  1. How do you decide whether you text or call someone? Is there one way you go to automatically? Why? Are there some people you only do one with? Why? Has it always been that way? What causes you to change? What are your feelings on texting versus calling? Does it matter if the call is to a friend or family member (rather than a stranger)?
  2. Do you remember playing with pencils, markers, crayons, etc. when you were little? Was it just to color or did you also start to write this way? Do you remember wanting to be able to write? Do you remember learning to write your name? Do you remember how learning to write your name made you feel? Who taught you? Who helped you? Who practiced with you? How do you think those people influenced your early writing abilities and feelings about it?
  3. What kinds of adversity have you faced when it comes to your education? What impact has the adversity had on your learning experiences? Have you ever been in a position where in order to learn you have faced threat of punishment or other significant risk? Did this help or hinder your ability to learn? What do you think this difficulty has done to your spirit and/or your desire to learn?
  4. Do you remember when you actually began to want to learn to read and write? Do you know what inspired you to want to learn? Were there people around you who encouraged or discouraged this desire? How do you think the reactions of those around you affected your spirit and/or desire to learn? Did the desire continue and grow into other curiosities? Why or why not?