My Reflections ( Diabetes )

As a part of group regarding Information about diabetes, I really liked our group topic, because diabetes becoming more and more common in many individuals life, and its something completely dangerous for people who don’t control it on time. I found this project to be really  interesting and helpful, because I am learning something that I never knew it before, for example; I never knew that there is two types of diabetes and both diabetes has different causes and effects. Overall I am enjoying this project.

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my reflection

Although I don’t like doing projects, but I think this “ Group Service Learning Project” is very useful in our life. Because we can learn different kind of health problems form each groups and know how those health problems would effect or damage our body. Also understand how to prevent those problems happen and how to solve it. After knowing those, then we are able to regulate our life to prevent any chance to get health problems and to have a better and health life. I think this is why professor ask us to do this project. To let us know more knowledges about our body health. I feel it is a great idea to do this project. One hand, we get the grade form the project, the other hand we also learning some important knowledges.

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Please post your reflections about the project over here. Was this project helpful? How? Did you learn more about the topic as opposed to classroom setting? Did this project generate your interest in human health and disease? Anything else that you feel about this project. Your reflections should be posted by November 27th.

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Project Description

Please provide a description of your group service learning project. Your description should include sufficient details to inform the readers about what your project is about, what is the current status of knowledge related to the topic you are researching, what are the questions you will be specifically addressing as part of this project and what are the resources that you are using to do your research.

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