Open Educational Resources

At each campus, a development team will be responsible for building a comprehensive suite of open educational resources (OERs) for each course to refine and support existing course content. Ā These resources will consist of WeBWorK assignments, videos, and supporting materials designed to accommodate research-proven active learning strategies (collaborative learning, problem-based learning, interdisciplinary applications, flipped classroom approaches, open digital pedagogy). City Tech will work jointly with BMCC to identify and develop shared materials for selected course content. Teams from both campuses will provide support and training to Faculty Fellows during the Opening Gateways Seminar (Fall semester), and work closely with Fellows during implementation (Spring semester) to collect feedback and revise materials.

About open educational resources (OERs)

Open educational resourcesĀ are free and openly licensed (public domain, Creative Commons) educational materials that can be used for teaching, learning, research, and other purposes.

-from Creative Commons


For more information about open education resources, starting with “What are open educational resources?”, check out this excellent guide from City Tech and this one from BMCC.

About WeBWorK

WeBWorK is a free and open source online homework system supported by the Mathematical Association of America and the National Science Foundation; it is anĀ alternative to the expensive and proprietary systems offered by many textbook publishers. WeBWorK provides a framework for students to receive immediate feedback on their attempted solutions, as well as the opportunity to attempt problems as many times as necessary until the correct solution is found.