Introduction to Sociology

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Open Textbooks to use:

1. Introduction to Sociology 2e by OpenStax College

License: Creative Commons License 4.0 International.


Heather Griffiths, Fayetteville State University*
Nathan Keirns, Zane State College*
Eric Strayer, Hartnell College*
Susan Cody-Rydzewski, Georgia Perimeter College
Gail Scaramuzzo, Lackawanna College
Tommy Sadler, Union University
Sally Vyain, Ivy Tech Community College*
Jeff Bry, Minnesota State Community and Technical College at Moorhead*
Faye Jones, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

*individuals who were contributors to the 2nd edition

Published: April 2015.

2. Social Problems: Continuity and change by Steven Barkan (University of Maine)

License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
CC BY-NC-SA License 3.0 United States. 

Broken down by syllabus topic(s):

Navigational note: In¬†OpenStax web view, please click on¬†“Contents” in the upper left to see¬†ALL¬†chapter sections

The Sociological Perspective Ch. 1 РAn Introduction to Socioloy, OpenStax 
Culture Ch. 3 – Introduction to Culture, OpenStax
Society Ch. 4 – Introduction to Society and Social Interaction, OpenStax
Social Stratification and Class Ch. 9 РIntroduction to Social Stratification in the United States, OpenStax 
Gender Stratification

Ch. 4 – Gender Inequality, Barkan

Ch. 12 – Introduction to Gender, Sex, and Sexuality, OpenStax

Race and Ethnicity

Ch. 11 – Introduction to Race and Ethnicity, OpenStax

Ch. 3.3  & 3.4 РPrejudice & Discrimination, Barkan

Ch. 3.6 – Explaining Racial & Ethnic Inequality, Barkan

Population, the Environment and Global Inequalities

 Ch. 20 РPopulation, Urbanization, and the Environment, OpenStax

Ch. 2.5 – Global Poverty, Barkan