Introduction to Psychology

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Open Textbooks to use:

1. Psychology by OpenStax College

License: Creative Commons License 4.0 International.

Senior contributor: Rose M. Spielman, PhD.

Published: December 2014.

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2. Introduction to Psychology by Charles E. Stangor

License:  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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Broken down by syllabus topic(s):
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Week One Introduction to Psychology: What is psychology, early pioneers, classic and contemporary theories, areas of specialization Ch. 1 – Sections 1.1-1.3 (p. 13-33) OpenStax
Week Two The Vehicle for Psychological Discovery: Is Psychology common sense, steps in conducting research, commonly used scientific methods Ch. 1 (p.10-22) Stangor
Week Three Neurological and Genetic Bases of Behavior: The neuron, neural and hormonal systems, the brain, genetic influences on behavior Ch. 3 (p. 81-118) OpenStax
Week Four Human Development: Physical and prenatal development, social development, cognitive development, moral development, adolescence, adulthood Ch. 9 (p. 311-330) OpenStax
Week Five Sensation and Perception: Basic principles of sensation, vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch, proprioceptive senses, perception Ch. 5 (p. 156-191) OpenStax
Week Six Learning: Classical Conditioning, Operant conditioning, Observational Learning Ch. 6 (p. 193-225) OpenStax
Week Seven Consciousness: Nature of consciousness, sleep, altered states of consciousness Ch. 4 (p. 119-156) OpenStax
Week Eight Memory: nature of memory, sensory, short-term, long-term memory, organization of memory, memory retrieval, forgetting, biological basis for memory Ch. 8 (p. 265-287) OpenStax
Week Nine Intelligence: Measuring intelligence, one thing or memory, dynamics of intelligence, heredity and environmental influences on intelligence Ch. 7 (p. 227-263) OpenStax
Week Ten Motivation and Emotion: Motivation, hunger and eating, sexual motivation, achievement motivation, emotion

Ch. 10 (p. 341-376) OpenStax

[lacking achievement motivation]

Week Eleven Personality: Nature of personality, psychoanalytic perspective, humanistic perspective, trait perspective, social-cognitive perspective, measuring personality, biological basis for personality Ch. 11 (p. 377-417) OpenStax
Week Twelve Psychological Disorders: How do we define and explain disorders, classification, major classes of disorders Ch. 15 (p. 555-616) OpenStax
Week Thirteen Therapy: Who offers therapies, psychodynamic therapies, behavior therapies, cognitive therapies, humanistic therapies, other forms of psychotherapy, biomedical therapies, economic and social trends in mental health treatment Ch. 16 (p. 617-652) OpenStax
Week Fourteen Stress, Health and Coping: Causes of stress, what moderates stress, behaviors that help or hurt our health Ch. 14 (p. 503-554) OpenStax
Week Fifteen Social Behavior: Social Perception, attitudes, social influence, hurting or helping others, interpersonal attraction and love Ch. 12 (p. 419-465) OpenStax
Ch. 14 (p. 817-860) Stangor

Relevant supplements:

Supplementary learning materials for the Stangor text from Houston Community College