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Biology lectures

Khan AcademyBozeman Science – Crash Course – Brightstorm


Week 1: Phylogeny & Evolution

Darwin and the Tree of Life

Week 2: Human Evolution and Ecology

Human Origins 101

Can the Earth Cope?

Week 3: Week 4: Week 5: Tissues, Organs& Homeostasis

Negative & Positive Feedback

Human Body 101

Week 6: Blood & Cardiovascular System

Computer generated cross section of a beating heart

The Human Circulatory System

Coronary Artery Bypass

Week 7: The Digestive System


Cloaca-Turd Machine

Week 8: The Respiratory System

The Human Respiratory System


Breathing 2



Week 9:  The Musculoskeletal System

What is the Musculoskeletal System?




Week 10: The Reproductive System

FertilizationFertilization & Fetal Development

Chick Embryo Development

From Zygote to Tadpole

Week 11: The Excretory System

Kidney Function Animation

Week 12: The Nervous System

Human Brain 101

The Unfixed Brain

You Are 2

Week 13b:  The Endocrine System

Overview of the Endocrine System


Week 13a: The Immune System

Leukocyte Chasing Bacteria

The Immune System Explained

Herd Immunity


Week 14: End of Semester Presentations

Good & Bad Examples of Presentations

Presentations 101


Your Inner Fish (PBS; 3 episodes) –

Greatest Miracle (Nova; PBS)

Listening – Podcasts

How Charles Darwin Worked

How Natural Selection Works