Welcome on the Open Educational Resources (OER) for Human Biology site 🙂

The site is meant to help you manage your semester and centralize free & open information, documents  and resources related to the course.


  •  Before class

– Read the chapters and note the points and concepts giving you trouble so you can ask your instructor to clarify them in class.

– Print out the text or have it ready on your electronic device so you can use it in class and write additional information in class.

  • Study for exams

– Assessing yourself with the end of chapter questions and activities

– Going over the manual over and over and taking notes.

– Watching, reading, listening to additional material for a better understanding of the topics.

– How to learn… useful tips and info in this short video:

  • Access the grading & course policies and topics schedules (syllabus)


  • Preparing your classes

Access point for:

Instructor’s Handbook (learning outcomes and more)

– coursebook

– course syllabus

  • In class

– Project the text and activities

– Use the additional resources to illustrate some topics.

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