The schedule of classes corresponds to chapters in the Human Biology Coursebook  Creative Commons License  available here. Students should read the scheduled chapter and activities before coming to class.

For each class session/week a link to the individual chapter PDF is available.

Printable coursebook cover and table of content here.

Week 1

Chap 1 – PDF

Living Things Concept Map

Introduction: biology, the process of science and the metric system
Week 2

Chap 2 – PDF

Human Evolution and Ecology: who are we and where are we?
Week 3

Chap 3 – PDF

Cells: the smallest unit of life
Week 4

Chap 4 – PDF

Making More Cells: mitosis and meiosis or when dividing is multiplying
Week 5

Chap 5 – PDF


Tissues, Organs and Homeostasis: for better or worse

Week 6

Chap 6 – PDF

Blood and the Cardiovascular System: our transportation system
Week 7

Chap 7 – PDF

Digestive System Concept Map

The Digestive System: have a snack
Week 8

Chap 8 – PDF


The Respiratory System: take a breath
Week 9

Chap 9 -PDF


The Muscular and Skeletal Systems: supporting movements

Week 10

Chap 10 – PDF

The Reproductive System and Development: what it took to make you
Week 11

Chap 11 – PDF


Urinalysis Results

The Urinary System: to pee or not to pee
Week 12

Chap 12 – PDF

Sheep Brain Dissection Video


The Nervous System: hitting a nerve

Week 13

Chap 13a – PDF

Chap 13b – PDF

The Endocrine System: being hormonal

The Immune System: to fight and protect

Week 14

Presentation instructions

What Do We Know Now?

Student Presentations and Semester Review

Week 15 FINAL EXAM (not cumulative) and Rat Dissection Practicum