Interdisciplinary (ID) Biology II

Like the regular Biology II (BIO 1201) course, the ID-Biology II  (BIO1201ID) course is a continuation of  Biology I (BIO1101), focusing on the basic description of living organisms ranging from Prokaryotes to higher Eukaryotes. Topics covered also include animal organization and description of their main organ systems, with a particular attention to how such systems work in humans. Throughout the curriculum, interdisciplinary topics, centered around 4 major themes, “History & Scientific Discoveries”, “Biology & Industry”, “Disease Impact & Public Health Policies”, “Science & Race, Gender & Social Status”, will be discussed, providing social, historical and economical contexts and connections to biology.

Students’ performance on this course will be evaluated as follows:

  1. Lecture: 40% of final grade, based on 4 exams and attendance/participation quizzes
  2. Lab: 40% of final grade, based on 5 quizzes, a  fetal pig and final practical, and attendance/participation lab activities
  3. Term paper (group or individual): 20% of the final grade.
  4. Students must pass (i.e. score 60 or above) both components, lab and lecture, to pass the course.

The detailed Interdisciplinary Biology II syllabus can be viewed and downloaded here.

Upon completion and passing the course, students get both, science and ID credits. For more information on City Tech ID classes click here.