How to Use this Site

Welcome on the Open Educational Resources (OER) for Biology II site 🙂

The site is meant to help you manage your semester and centralize free & open information, documents  and resources related to the course.

Table of Contents


  •  Before class

Read the chapters and assess your understanding of the material and note the points and concepts giving you trouble so you can ask your instructor to clarify them in class.

– Print out the slides as handouts and use them in class to write additional information.

– Prepare for the labs: print and read the exercise before coming to class.

  • Study for exams

– Assessing yourself with the end of chapter questions, review sheets, games and quizzes for each chapter

– Going over the textbook/manual over and over and taking notes.

– Watching, reading, listening to additional material for a better understanding of the topics.

– How to learn… useful tips and info in this short video:

  • Access the grading & course policies and topics schedules (syllabus)


  • Prepare your classes

Access point for:

slide presentations and learning outcomes

laboratory manual

– the Instructor’s Handbook and the course syllabus

  • In class

– Play the assessment games to determine your classes’ level of comprehension

of the topics before, during or at the end of class.

– Use the additional resources to illustrate some topics.

Leave messages and feedback regarding the site and material