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Biology lectures

Khan AcademyBozeman Science – Crash Course – Brightstorm


Week 1: Phylogeny & Evolution

Darwin and the Tree of Life

Convergent Evolution

Week 2: Viruses, Prokaryotes

Lytic vs Lysogenic Virus Cycles

Discovering Microbes

Binary Fission

Resistant Bacteria on Giant Petri Dish

Oil-Eating Bacteria

Week 3: Protists

The Endosymbiont Theory

Kingdom Protista

Deadly protists:

– the malaria parasite


Week 4: Fungi

What are Fungi?

The Fungarium at Kew Royal Botanic Gardens

Fungus Cannon

The Wood Wide Web (mycorrhizae)

Never Eat the Clean Part of Moldy Bread

Week 5 & 6: Plants

Bryophyte Life Cycle

Fern Life Cycle

Seed Production in Gymnosperms

Sex Lives of Christmas Trees

Gnetophytes: Welwitsia, a Living fossil

Double Fertilization in Angiosperms

The Millenium Seed Bank

Buzz Pollination

Week 7: Animals

Animals Phyla

Coral Bleaching

Planaria Regeneration

House Centipedes

Sea Urchins

Oh Worm! (Additional Dissection Videos)

Week 8: Homeostasis & Tissues

Human Body 101

Week 9: Circulatory Systems

The Human Circulatory System

Coronary Artery Bypass

Blood Groups

Week 10: Immune Systems

Leukocyte Chasing Bacteria

Your Immune System Under a Microscope

The Immune System Explained

How Vaccines Work

Herd Immunity

Week 11: Digestive Systems

Swallowing X-ray

Cow Ruminating

Cloaca-Turd Machine

Week 12: Respiratory Systems


Breathing 2

The Human Respiratory System

Week 13 Excretory Systems

How Do Your Kidneys Work?


Week 14: Reproductive Systems


Fertilization & Fetal Development

Chick Embryo Development

From Zygote to Tadpole

Week 15: Nervous Systems

Human Brain 101

The Unfixed Brain

You Are Two

Neurons Making Connections


Your Inner Fish (PBS; 3 episodes) – Planet Earth (BBC; 2 seasons) –

What Plants Talk About (Nature; PBS) – The First Flower (Nova; PBS) – In the Mind of Plants (Arte) – The Seedy Side of Plants (Nature; PBS) – The Private Life of Plants: Flowering (BBC)

Greatest Miracle (Nova; PBS)

Listening – Podcasts

How Charles Darwin Worked

How Natural Selection Works

Fun Facts About Fungi