Trip to Copper


Omari Dillard



Going to the Cooper Hewitt Museum I noticed that many of the exbites are set on neutral grey walls. This allows the images to me the main focus standout more. The presentation of the images set equally spaced. An example of works where Pixer themed one, this showcase some of the work that certain movies such as the Incredibles to inside out. Some of the pieces that where in the museum where telling how the Incredibles was based in the 70s and how that planning came out to be. This was interesting due to the planning and the play with colors to give different hues of color before they got the right shade of RGB. There was a showcase on the 2nd floor where you can draw the images on the touch screen and they come up on screen. There was an image that caught my interested. Returning to and looking the Pixer: The Design of Story, I noticed that many of movies that they have were movies that won awards. Movies such as Inside Out Brave and The Incredibles and they all had the same type of art style and design. On the third floor there where many types of art forms of art.



the image above is of a French Magazine and the pieces of military equipment that was used in WW2, as well as the solders that each country had involved in the war. The position of the typeface and and the images caught my attention. The main focus of the image where the jets compared to the to the tanks showing that the number of jets that were used out numbered the amount of tanks that were used and etc. There many other pictures that causght my attention but this one drew me in the most. I hope everyone takes the time to vist the Copper Hewitt museum.