Graphic Principals 1

This was the 1st project that was given in the  course.  The objective of the project was to show how lines worked with natural hand movement at the same time controlling the pencil. As well as knowing where each line would be position along with the spacing of each lineWhile doing this project i noticed how the lines interacted with each other with spacing


Another project that was given  was a spots project. Where we had to created spots using 2b pencils and higher while creating “Spots” with an eraser each group of spots had to had a number of variables in them with the variables being words that were talked about in the class. With 1st group having 3 the next 5 and the last having 5 variables

1: Variables
– Scale
– Interval
– Direction

The way I used these terms with the spots was by having the spots go from big at the top , to small at the bottom for size. Each row is neatly spaced to show interval and on each side of the page, the spots are facing opposite directions to show direction.

2: Variables:
– Scale
– Density
– Size
– Proportion
– Distance
For Scale, I have a line of gradually decreasing spots. Then inside of that line of spots I drew spots close together for density. They are also different sizes and I kept them proportional to one another. A viewer can see the distance between the group of spots from the first group of spots, or they can see the distance in all of the spots to the end of the page.


I showed Sizes, proportion, distance and direction by having 2 groups of spots. They are facing each other for direction. They get bigger and smaller in increments. The groups are close together for density. On both edges of the page the spots are scaled up and going toward the middle of the page the spots are scaled down.

Personal I found this project very confusing due the lack of instruction that was was given but was able to do the project after seeking out help from a fellow classmate
One more project that we had to do was a texture project where we had to trace the bottoms of shoes with a black crayon. The process was a long and stressful on due to not being able to find the right textures that fit the professors rubric. The second half of the project was to trace the textures onto tracing paper in order to transfer them to Bristol paper to render them. The main focus of this project was to understand the transfer process and being able to use a ebony pencil  when transferring.  after transfer we had to create a 50/50 division of black and white
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