The annual meeting is 2 weeks away and we are anticipating a very stimulating meeting with guest speaker
 Monica Devanas~

Rutgers – The State University of New Jersey

Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Programs

Director, Faculty Development and Assessment Programs


Course Title and Description:

Engaging Students in Class with Active Learning Strategies”

Most faculty, struggle with “covering” the content in a course, not really knowing if the students are learning the information or can apply it to their clinical practice until there is an exam.  At that point of the first exam, the unknowing students may be completely past the point of realistic recovery efforts.  This predicament is especially true in those in professional fields requiring external certification.  This course will present a collection of active learning strategies useful for engaging students in “minds-on” learning in class.  Popular and effective activities such as the “one-minute paper” and “think-pair-share” and “concept mapping” will be just a few of the many practices that will be presented.  The participants will model the strategies to better understand the efficacy and relevance of each within their own courses and teaching styles.  The value of in class informal assessment and student self-assessment methods will also be considered.

Participants will:

1.  modify and develop in class activities to make connections between lecture content and their clinical practice.

2.  use teaching strategies to informally access student learning in class.
3.  develop their own methods and assignments to reinforce in class student l

If you have any topic/topics that you wish to add to the agenda please forward.

The Hy-PAC committee has rearranged their evening fundraising activities to accomodate our meeting.  Consider finishing off the evening playing Bunko – lots of fun and laughter.  Contact Hy-Pac for registration form.

Hoping to see you in Verona

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