February 2012

Dear Dental Hygiene Educators:

As we welcome the New Year and have started the spring semester, we would like to inform you of some of our goals for the next two years for the NY State Dental Hygiene Educator’s Association.


We have developed a free website based on a word press platform, under CUNY’s Open Lab.  Our hope is that this will enhance communication among the dental hygiene schools across the state.  Everyone will have access to it and can easily communicate via blogging.  There will be a page  for each school, if they desire, to exhibit student work, community events, etc.

The website address is: https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/groups/nysdhea

Other categories on the website will include: Legislative issues, upcoming ADEA events, State Board meetings, ADHA events, and DHASNY news.

As a result of the last educators meeting, we have made a decision to attend the ADHA’s one day workshop, entitled Dental Hygiene at the Crossroads of Change, presented by Marsha Rhea on Feb 25, 2012 in Chicago.  We will report back to the association via the website a summary of the event.

We are planning on having a guest speaker at the Verona meeting next Fall.  We are open for suggestions for topics and /or speakers.

We look forward to a productive term and welcome input from all!


Susan Nilsen-Kupsch                                                                                                              President                                                                                                                                   Maria-Elena Bilello                                                                                                               Secretary                                                                                                                               Maureen Archer                                                                                                                          Event Planner


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  1. JHall says:

    Awesome – great job!

  2. Donna DiGioia says:

    Great idea, Maria! I especially look forward to your report on the Feb 25 ADHA Chicago meeting. I was disappointed I could not attend.. and now I do not feel so bad : )

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