Reflection 6

Nhi Vuong 

Oct 23rd, 2018 

Reflection 5

How much a graphic designer earn? That is the topic we discussed in the last class. We need money to survive and to buy our supplies. The average income of a junior graphic designer is $43000.00 per year or maybe $39000.00.It could be up to $82000.00 annually for an art director. So, I need to keep working hard to get in a higher position. This one of the reason why I choose graphic designer rather than a fine art artist.

Also, I learned how to write a contract to protect my benefit as well as my works. How to write and describe works so that I can sell it to a client. As a junior designer, freelance, networking events or friendship are my opportunities to promote myself to the world. I learned that relationship is an encouragement for success. I will start to go to more networking events and get to know more designers. I will look up for an internship or a job through a recruiter. I want to learn and gain more experiences for myself. 

I knew that I still need to practice to present myself more. I am shy and afraid of standing in front of people. I couldn’t raise my voice louder or speak fluently. It is difficult for me to express or try to explain something but I am working on it. The presentation is my first step. I need to step out of my comfort zone and try harder to express myself. I want to show them more and more my works. It was hard to begin and I got nervous. I forgot what I have to say and do not know where to start. However, it was getting better later. It wasn’t the best presentation, but at least I got through it and collected a lot of feedback from my classmates. 

The presentation is a good chance for me to arrange all of my works. It is like a portfolio that I can show to a company to get hired. After the presentation, I learned how to be more confident. I also know how to display my work more professional. It is still a learning process and I will get to where I want to be soon.