Assignment 2

Nhi Vuong

Sept 23rd, 2018

Assignment 2


A lot of people asked me why I choose to be a designer? What’s making me or inspire me to do art?. I started to love drawing when I was 5 years old. I used to hate art, and really bad at drawing. My friends laughed at my drawings and made fun of it. I got angry and cried but I did not give up. My father is my inspiration. I knew that he didn’t have an opportunity to have a good education, but he still teaching me with all the experiences he has, with his heart and love. Because of him, I started to practice every day, wake up early in the morning and sat at my desk with my pencil and paper. And then, I saw he was talking with other people about my drawings, my contest, my awards. I could see how proud he is when he talks about my art, all of this made me love art, made me want to be a designer, a well-known designer.

Now, I’m on the way to be a designer. I learned more and improved my skill every day. There are other questions that I need an answer for is what kind of graphic designer I want to become? I have no idea. I still on the way to prove myself. I still don’t know what’s my strength and weakness. However, after three years in college, I somehow realized it. I learned to work with the computer, learned how to use photoshop, illustrator, InDesign, learned how to observe. I find my interesting in designing logos, branding, and publication. I met other designers who are the beginner of the course, the future designers, like me. They have taught me a lot, through them I improved my skills, we inspired each other to be better.

After, I attended to Topics in Graphic Design class, and through the lesson, I know more about graphic design. Graphic design is not only about advertising, or designing a logo. It’s more than that. The graphic designer designs brands, logos, magazines, packagings, films, ads, book covers, graphic apparels,…ect. It made me think more about what I have practiced all of this time for? What’s kind of designers I want to be? I love clothing but I’m not really into designing clothes. I love to read, and I buy a book just because they have interesting cover. However, designing a book cover is not my strength. I think I want to be a branding designer. I usually spend most of my time look at how people designing their logo, researching about brands to brands. I love to see how the designer came up with the concept and visualized it into a logo. The more I research about it the more I love branding. Also, I’m working on my own branding right now. I hope in the future I could open my own brand store.

So, the next question will be what do I need for success? I need to practice a professional manner. I have to keep my passion, being confident about what I am doing, keep improving and practicing my skills, being familiar with new technology. The most important things that I need is expert challenges, accept it and think outside of the box. It is not easy to desire to succeed. It’s not easy to become a famous designer. I still need more time to learn and more experiences in the field.

However, the way to success indispensable failures, and that is what I need to conquer. The short video “Piper” is an example, the little seagull has conquered the fear of the high waves and found his way to find foods. It’s like how I afraid to try new things, I don’t want to step out of mine comfort zone. I fear to make mistakes but knowing that it will gain me more experiences. The short film has inspired me to be braver to conquer my fear and be more creative. Even though it will be a difficult challenge for me, but I believe I, if I keep working hard, soon I will get over it and be a better designer.  Like they always say if you fall, stand up and keep going.