Art and Copy

Nhi Vuong 

Dec 5th 2018 

Art & Copy 

Art & Copy is a documentary film about advertising and inspiration. The film reveals many popular works of the most influential advertising designers. It is a valued information for us, as a new designer. Many outstanding ad campaigns was showed and the process of how to make them. Designers shared their own experiences in the course and how they came up with those amazing ideas.

Nowadays, advertising is a tremendous industry. You can see them everywhere at any time. Advertising is so powerful that our presidents used them for their election campaign such as the campaign for president Reagan. It is so powerful that it changed people thinking, introduced us to the technology world. Advertising is a way people communicating new ideas to the world. For example, the “ think different” of Apple in 1984, the “Just do it” of  Nike, “think small” of Volkswagen, and many more. 

One of the remarkable ad campaigns that I like the most is the “Just do it” campaign of Nike. The slogan “Just do it” comes from a man about to be executed for murder from Utah, and before his dead, he said” Let’s do it” to his squad.“Just do it” for Nike is a motivation for people to play sports, to be active. In the film, they asked people who used Nike products what do they think about the slogan. It turns out that the slogan gives a lot of strength and motivate people a lot. One of the people saying that I like the most is: “Do what you want to do”. That what Nike want to bring to you: the motivation. But the part that I love the most from the campaign for “Just do it” is the short video of little girls saying “ Let’s me play sport.”  For me, I can feel an emotion from it, I get the message right away: Play sport, get stronger, so nobody can hurt you. It is more powerful when you let kids said it and they are all girls. I remembered there is a little girl said: “If you let’s me play, let’s me play sport I will be 60% less likely to get breast cancer.” “Breast cancer”, we have a day for breast cancer day, many campaigns were done to promote it, and Nike got a good one here.