3D Printing Article

Nikolaos Sinopoulos Jr


3D Printing Article

3D Printing with Carbon Fiber: Tracing the Lifecycle Thread


In a sense when it comes to 3D printing, you would expect paper, wood, plastic, carboard, and many more; however, when you least expect it carbon fiber would be something people would never expect to use as 3D Printing. In the article carbon fiber can be used as a 3D printing material like for example it can be used to make parts for your car, truck, or even in the military carbon fiber can be of use as well. In some work made from carbon fiber when it comes to artist, people were shocked on how carbon fiber worked well when it comes to making a particular project for that assignment in that particular class. Even engineers in college and who work also use carbon fiber to work into making particular project for example when it comes to making a logo for an Airbus A350 is about 52 percent carbon fiber, and the BMW i3 symbol is mostly made from carbon fiber. Carbon fiber was also in use for making bike frames in all bicycles. But most importantly carbon fiber was used to reinforcing bridges as well as retrofitting old structures like the big beams that are put into a house on top of a celling.