From the Field

Title: United Federation of Teachers

Something similar to a newspaper printer

  1. One thing that I found that was exciting about our trip was about how each machine works differently bout they can work together if people would understand it. Something that was I was surprised about is how seeing how one of the machines we saw was something similar to what people make with newspapers both from the past to the future. Some future questions that I would have liked to ask them is that is it possible to get like a part time job from them so that they can give me and anyone else a work experience.
  2. One of the jobs that I learned today was how each person is assigned a position such as making design logos for shirts. Some things that I learned about that I never knew was that how everyone works on there own thing and that they compare to see if it is good enough or it still needs work. I am still trying to understand how if I am interested to use this as my career path or not so I will know for sure in the future.
  3. The way they had shown me there work compared to my work is very different, and it is only because everyone is different in the world and nobody is perfect we all make mistakes. Even though I feel like an expert graphic designer deep down inside me I still have so much to learn not just from me but from other graphic designers as well from now and the future. So in the end of this adventure many people including myself want to know more about the world of art and what advantages we can get from it not just around where we live but around the world as well. And finally the way today’s visit help me it is because it was inspiring me to keep moving forward with my future as a designer and not hold yourself back all of us designers need to understand that as well as I need to as well.

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