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There are people in our society that do not understand the fact that it is harder to accept help form others rather than offering it themselves. People do not fully understand that if someone wants to help, they just say “no thanks” or ” no thank you”. The first reason why I decided to use this quote is because I want to give courage to people in the world that by accepting help is as the same as offering it.

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People in our society do not understand what it means that if someone is offering help rather than they are offering it to them it is harder on them. What people do not understand is that they do not want to make themselves weak in front of others. The second reason why I chose this quote is because people are afraid of the fact that they do not want to be embarrassed about accepting help from others rather than offering it to them. The reason why I used these two colors cause blue represents The Clone Army, red represents the Droid Army.

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The world we live in today is one where people are very nervous about others accepting help. What people are not understanding is that just because that  people don’t want your help, that dose not mean that they will ask for it later. The Final reason why I decided to use this quote is because in a childhood movie that i grew up with called Star War The Clone Wars, in the start of the each new episode they always stated with a different quote to give the viewers an idea of what to expect in each new episode and for them to grow stronger as a team in each battle. The reason why I used these colors and they why I designed them is because they represent the lightsabers used by Jedi and the Sith.

The Quote from the show Star Wars The Clone Wars is used in season 2 episode 7 Legacy of Terror.

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