Self Evaluation

When I started City Tech I never knew what I wanted to graduate with/ major in, because I’m an artist (i.e. painting, drawing, sculpting) and never really knew what I wanted to study, just wanted to focus on that. But as the 4 years passed studying Communication Design, I know that when I graduate I wanted to continue graphic designing. Even though I’ve only studied it during school, getting some experience before graduating would help me out It is a good idea to go looking for some work experience or looking to pursue a passion having an internship would be a great way to do that. Internships are companies that allow someone to gain experience in a particular industry or profession. It helps to develop the skills that we will need for a real job in that field after graduating, and many of these skills can even be applied to other fields as well. Some internships pay you while some don’t, but the experience that you gain can be more valuable, so all internships should be kept in mind.

While working at the Artest Foundation as a social media graphic designer, I’ve learned how to manage my time better and not give up when under pressure. During the beginning of the internship, I felt like it would be very overwhelming to be working as a graphic designer and juggling so many important classes but it’s all about how you manage your time. The bottom line to meeting deadlines is to reduce stress and to be a better designer because stress is dangerous, and it makes life miserable, exhausting, and compromises the productivity of a designer. During my last semester life itself has been hitting me with unexpected stress and it did rub off a little on my designing skills a little. Most of the time I get overwhelmed with the way my designs come out and didn’t like to turn in work that I felt wasn’t up to standards but companies rather see the work in progress than nothing at all. With good design comes a lot of criticism, sometimes when criticism was given back it was harsh but I think it’s because of the time crunching and stress everyone was going through. I just need to take constructive criticism even if it was in my favor or not, I just needed to get the work done. My main downfall through this experience was the fact that I liked to work independently but throughout the internship, I did have to learn/ get used to working as a group to get these projects done quickly and effectively. I never had an internship as a graphic designer before and I would love to continue this journey later on in life.

Self Evaluation

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Author: N'Kaya Renford

As a self-taught artist, I'm open to creating anything in & out of my comfort zone. As a graphic designer, I help bring your brands' visions to life by designing aesthetic and compelling visuals.