‘If You Can’t Be Better Than Your Competition, Just Dress Better’

The quote I chose is from Anna Wintour. The reason I chose that quote is that I think appearance is important. Living in a world that the first thing you are judge on is your first appearance. Like dealing with first interviews, first day on the job, first dates, basically, anything being your first time would be judged just off your first appearance to the person viewing you.  So, try making it work to your advantage!

My Artwork

Art is anything the artist wants it to be and doesn’t have a specific look or style. I’ve always been an artsy type of person, anything that involved paper with crayons and I would be the happiest person ever. Never really thought of being an artist when I was younger, just knew it was something I was really good at. Until high school when I received an award from the metropolitan museum for classwork I did in art class. I saw it as classwork to get a ‘good grade’ but my teacher saw something else. That’s when I knew I really had talent, everything I knew was self-taught or from something I watched on youtube for references. In my second year in college two of my professors put my artwork in the gallery. Me looking at the assignment as just “getting a good grade” was more than that to my teachers. Over the past 3 years, City Tech has built up my confidence in my artwork and made me realized that everyone’s perspective on art is different and to believe in the artwork I do and not just look at it as a grade.


Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour is a British-American journalist and editor who has been editor-in-chief of Vogue since 1988 and artistic director for Condé Nast, Vogue’s publisher, since 2013. The first time I heard about Anna Wintour was last semester and ever since I’ve been inspired by her.  I love her bosses like mentality and uniquely brilliant styles in the fashion industry which is why I chose her as my designer for this paper.

Designer Research Paper

Murakami Flower

For my logo history assignment, I chose Takashi Murakami’s Flower. Takashi Murakami is a Japanese contemporary artist, who works in the fine arts media including commercial media & is also known for blurring lines between high and low arts. I chose his famous colorful rainbow petal flower as his logo, it’s one of his best pieces that has branded him for what he represents in the art world and fashion industry. That logo was made to be so cute and flattering but has a dark backstory to it. Even though the Murakami Flower was originally an art piece he did, my report is on it as a logo because when doing collaborations with other high-end designers he uses the flower as his trademark.

Logo History Paper

Visual Quote 3

Visual Quote (#3)

Sometimes being arrogant  is seen by others as being stuck up but I see it as having the most confidence in yourself to a point where anything someone  has to say / do, won’t bother you at all. The beginning of the quote is behind this well dressed lady represents the negativity from her competition. The end of the quote is attached to her body to emphasize that she is the center of attention.

Visual Quote 1

Visual Quote (#1)

This is supposed to be a lady getting dressed elegantly to show off in front of her competition. The beginning of the quote is on the back of the closet walls with the end of the quote on the hanger in the lady’s hand. I chose the end of the quote to be included in the hanger and not on the closet wall because you can bend some types hanger into any shape you wanted which worked perfectly for the visual quote design.