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Homework 9/20

My date danced like a free bird that was caged.

The rain pelts my skin like plants being water on a hot summer day.

The world is a theme park thats full of different roller coasters.

Romantic comedies are skills of language and communication that we use.

The wind blew like if the sky was falling.

Love me as much as a teach loves to teach.


In plain American which cats and dogs can read

This sections was the section that most caught my attention. It was very funny to me reading the heading. I had a flash back well not a flash back more of a thought. I sometimes find it hard to understand some poems either because of the wording that are being used in the poems or honestly It just didn’t really understand it. So I felt like this was very relatable. Poetry is something you can understand a different form of communication that isn’t to difficult something that could be relatable. A lyric poem is like singing and speaking if you’re to be expressing emotions through a verse of song or a poem.

The Art of Poetry with Robert Pinsky

When I think about poetry the first thing that pops in my head is creativity and imagination. Yes poetry is also a different type of communication because it allows you to express yourself however you want. We as humans sometimes do do good with communicating with other and we say things that may not make sense to others but with poetry it allows you use it as form of communication to be able to communicate with someone on that type of level.It’s a different type of language some might even say a different type of love language, because poetry speaks all of us differently. We all have different imaginations and ideas. I honestly feel that with poetry you’re able to do exactly that. and that be able express yourself.



 The Immense Intimacy, the Intimate Immensity


The world now, I feel, does not see poetry in the same manner that people did in the past. Poetry enriches and deepens real-life experiences, I believe that poetry can help you find intimacy inside yourself. Poems have the ability to arouse our senses and emotions because they were written with similar sentiments in mind. Hirsch talks about poetry like it is something that we should be addicted to. I do believe that good poetry makes you feel alive and whole but poetry cannot make someone’s life perfect. His argument is well written, yet it appears to be overstated because he then develops into his need for poetry. On the other hand, I don’t think you can comprehend Mr. Hirsch’s comments until you’ve been immersed in the passion of poets and their works.


In Robert Pinsky’s “The Art of Poetry”, He emphasizes that in order to comprehend art, you must first comprehend not only why the art appeals to you, but also what your examples of art are. “Minstrel Man” by Langston Hughes caught my attention,it has a lot of emotions and I believe that many individuals can connect to it. We pretend that everything is well by walking around with a smile on our faces. Writing poetry allows you to express yourself through the written word, to go more deeply into your emotions, thoughts, and ideas. The poet is describing pain and suffering, Hughes affirms that by masking his anguish with smiles and laughing, people would believe he was content. 


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