Author: brenda almonte


 The Immense Intimacy, the Intimate Immensity


The world now, I feel, does not see poetry in the same manner that people did in the past. Poetry enriches and deepens real-life experiences, I believe that poetry can help you find intimacy inside yourself. Poems have the ability to arouse our senses and emotions because they were written with similar sentiments in mind. Hirsch talks about poetry like it is something that we should be addicted to. I do believe that good poetry makes you feel alive and whole but poetry cannot make someone’s life perfect. His argument is well written, yet it appears to be overstated because he then develops into his need for poetry. On the other hand, I don’t think you can comprehend Mr. Hirsch’s comments until you’ve been immersed in the passion of poets and their works.


In Robert Pinsky’s “The Art of Poetry”, He emphasizes that in order to comprehend art, you must first comprehend not only why the art appeals to you, but also what your examples of art are. “Minstrel Man” by Langston Hughes caught my attention,it has a lot of emotions and I believe that many individuals can connect to it. We pretend that everything is well by walking around with a smile on our faces. Writing poetry allows you to express yourself through the written word, to go more deeply into your emotions, thoughts, and ideas. The poet is describing pain and suffering, Hughes affirms that by masking his anguish with smiles and laughing, people would believe he was content. 



Hello guys, My name is Brenda Almonte. This is my first semester at city tech, I just transferred from BMCC. I want to be an ultrasound tech, it is something that caught my attention. Since I was younger I have enjoyed spending time with babies and taking care of them. I helped out in a daycare for about two years. In my spare time, I like spending time with friends, going out, trying new food, and exploring places I have not been to before. I also like to work out, it is therapy for me and something that calms me down when I’m in a bad place. I wish good luck to everyone and hopefully, this semester will be better for us all!

This a picture of my homeland, Dominican Republic, Las terrenas.  This was in january when i took a trip with my family for 3 weeks. My happy place, i try to go every year and visit new beaches and other beautiful parts of the Dominican Republic that i have not been to.  Being there makes me happy because it makes me feel o at peace, i get to spend time with friends and have fun with them. I love my homeland and im proud to be Dominican!