Hello guys, My name is Brenda Almonte. This is my first semester at city tech, I just transferred from BMCC. I want to be an ultrasound tech, it is something that caught my attention. Since I was younger I have enjoyed spending time with babies and taking care of them. I helped out in a daycare for about two years. In my spare time, I like spending time with friends, going out, trying new food, and exploring places I have not been to before. I also like to work out, it is therapy for me and something that calms me down when I’m in a bad place. I wish good luck to everyone and hopefully, this semester will be better for us all!

This a picture of my homeland, Dominican Republic, Las terrenas.  This was in january when i took a trip with my family for 3 weeks. My happy place, i try to go every year and visit new beaches and other beautiful parts of the Dominican Republic that i have not been to.  Being there makes me happy because it makes me feel o at peace, i get to spend time with friends and have fun with them. I love my homeland and im proud to be Dominican!

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  1. nada

    Hi Brenda, Good luck with your career choice. I can agree with you on the peace in your home country part. I as well, feel like I’m on cloud 9 when I travel back home. Nothing as peaceful as that feeling.

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