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I am currently a student at New York City College of Technology. I’m majoring in Graphic Arts & Advertising Design because I like the idea of communicating a message to an audience using images and texts. I also like that it allows you to experiment with your art and be very creative. I went to Franklin K. Lane high school where I took art classes that helped me with working with colors and drawing humans and portraits.

I’ve been mostly inspired by the advertising done in Manhattan, movie posters and by the album artwork of my favorite bands. Two of my favorite artists are Vincent Locke and Takeshi Obata. Vincent Locke’s artwork is very detailed and I love his bizarre horror art style. His work has inspired me to pay more attention to detail , as well as Takeshi Obata’s work on his various manga books. Ultimately, I’d like to get into the advertising industry and help advertise for big companies.

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