February 9th Assignment

Lecture Assignment #1

Part I & II

This informative video on how to navigate wiki’s, discussion board, etc., on blackboard has been very insightful. It was refreshing to hear the speaker’s personal experience with the class, it allowed for the video to be personable and gave a sense of relief that those who are not tech savvy can master theĀ onlineĀ components of the class when it’s required. We’re in the day and age where technology is a predominant aspect of everything, and now toĀ be given the opportunity to become familiar with theĀ onlinecomponent of this class will allow us to become proficient when faced with it in the future. There has been a vast transformation with technology in the HealthĀ care field. Not only with paperless documentation, but technological resources that help aide HealthcareĀ workers in providing more efficient care to their patient’s. The technology allows for health care workers to provide their client’s with a variety of resources to ensure that they comprehend the information that is presented to them. Many diseases now that warrant major, risky procedures, are now modified where least invasive measures are being used instead in respect to the access of technology and modern advances. The HealthĀ careĀ field is continuously changing, and technology allows those working in the field to remain up to date with new information and practices introduced everyday. Ā With nursing and technology being vastly interlinked, being introduced to the aspect in nursing education allows us to become accustomed to it; allowing the nursing students to utilize such resources to become better equipped when working in the nursing field in the future.

Part III

Upon searching on NYCCT’s mainĀ webpage, two resources have caught my eye. The first, is a website on the City Tech students’ e-Portfolio pages. It can be found with this link:Ā https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/portfolios.Ā Considering we have to construct a e-Portfolio in the near future, it’ll be remarkably helpful to view other students work who have gone through the process that we soon embark. It is in our best interest to become familiar with the work in advance so when it comes down to actually forming an e-Portfolio, the process will go over smoothly. Sometimes being introduced to a new concept can have one flustered; not knowing which direction to take in that particular assignment. In this way, reviewing an example of how an e-Portfolio should look will allow those who are lost to cultivate ideas to make their e-Portfolio exceptional.
The second resource that caught my eye is the one about the Student Government Association. Most often, we do not know the rights that we uphold as college students. The Student Government Association “provides an opportunity for studentsā€™ views to be expressed and heard, and to have direct impact on virtually every aspect of college life.” There’s more to college than just attending classes, one should truly be well informed of their rights and what is expected of them as a student in respect to the department they’re in and what are the standards for the Professors as well. The site also coordinate “extracurricular events and chartering new clubs and organizations” which is great for those who are looking to join clubs and become a part of a group making a difference. Although some may not have time to partake in such extracurricular activities, if there are questions that you may have whether it be about any concerns about needing an advocate to convey a matter that is beyond your control or it just simply be about your rights as a college student, they can be contacted by email. All contact information is available on their website:Ā http://www.citytech.cuny.edu/students/SGA/