One of the things I got to do during the internship was help support the design process of the MTV app for both iOS and Android. My coworker Ayano was in charge of desgingin the MTV Nextgen app that will be released in the second quarter of next year. I helped her with visual quality assurance and checking to see if anything was wrong with her mock up design of the app.

The way we design our mock ups at Viacom is using a vector based program called Sketch. It’s an alternative to Adobe Illustrator. I believe that people who are working in the app design industry are shifting towards Sketch due to it’s many advantages. After using Sketch while interning at Viacom I can see why. It’s simple to use and the interface is not so intimidating as compared to Adobe Illustrator.

While supporting Ayano with the iOS app of MTV I was also assigned to designing a mock up for the Android version. This was a big responsibility for me because I was assigned to work on something that they will be using in the future. Jason believed in my skills so I knew that I had to work hard on this project in order to satisfy his expectations. I went through a lot of steps before actually starting on the design in Sketch. I researched on other apps similar to MTV on Android and see their design choices. I also learned about Material design and how it is used in almost every Android app. I plan to use Material Design in the MTV app for Android.