After working on the MTV app for Android I would present it to my other coworkers during our weekly afternoon meetings. During this meeting we would each represent what we were working on as well as get feedback from each other. This was also the day that our team got introduced to a new coworker. His name is Skylar and he was originally from Orange County, California. He was working as a product designer at Oakley before deciding to move to the east coast to work at Viacom. It’s always interesting to met someone from the west coast and getting their insights on design. Skylar seems like a interesting person because he always has something to say and easy to get along with. I guess having these qualities are  needed in order to communicate well when in a team.

After getting some feedback and meeting our new team member I was also introduced to other work asked to be done by Jason. Since my design work for Android was not in a rush to be finished I was able to do other design work for MTV. I was asked to create screens on Sketch for the current version of MTV for iOS as well as work on the screens for MTV Xbox One version. This wasn’t a hard thing to do because I had to look over Comedy Central’s Xbox One app version and just re skin it with MTV branding. Jason explained to me that Viacom looks to implement similar designs for all of their channels so that it can be consistent throughout.