My role in the machine (2)

The role that I am doing is helping finalize, edit, and design watches, specs, and ‘market week’ showroom. The name of my supervisor is Jiyeon Min and she is a designer. I applied to this internship curiously because I had never learned or reall read about product design and how much planning takes place before creating a watch for next season.

I came across this internship site on The application process was pretty simple, especially when there is a “quick apply” function on the website, so you could even apply on mobile.

I am not sure how many people were interviewed for this position, but it seems I was the only one that was offered the opportunity to intern for them. I only waited about a couple of days to a week in order to receive the offer.

Some questions that I was asked was the basic ones, but also how much did I know about product/packaging design.


Fall 2016 Internship (1)

I’ve been accepted at the company called MZ Berger as a watch designer intern. They are located near queens plaza. MZB remains a privately held, family owned business. With offices in New York City, Bentonville, Toronto and Hong Kong and satellite offices across the country, we ship over tens of millions of units a year. Over the years, our reputation for quality, being on top of trends, and commitment to our retail partners has grown. This enabled us to take our company to the next level by expanding into new accessory categories.


The clients they have range from small to large. Some of their clients are brands from JCP, and others upper such as MACYS and more.

I’ll be working in both the watch design as well as learn about packaging design.

I was looking for articles about the company and what I found was, what you would find with all companies, a product recall.