Job Performance (12)

My performance from my personal perspective was good. I managed to learn more about the industry while also being very motivated and genuinely interested in the watch design industry. This decision to become a part of this industry for this time was very rewarding and i’ve learned alot especially about communication. We communicated mostly through emails for everything, which I had only heard about from professors.

Overall this was a great experience and I am glad that this was internship site for this internship period.


P.S. I also made these designs before I finished my internship


leather_new_1-01 leather_new_1-02 leather_new_1-03 leather_new-02

Internship Part 3 (10)

After a couple of meetings with my supervisor we narrowed down into one watch design with the navy wheel as the bezel. I have been working on constructing the strap, lugs, and designs onto the watch itself.

This project for me at this point in time is a good one, it allows me to be creative, and be able to express my decisions when it comes to designing this dicing watch, a watch that my supervisor hasn’t seen before. Which makes me very happy.



Final Internship Project (8)

My supervisor has given me a project to finish up the last part of my internship. My project is to design a diving watch in full completion, from line work, to 2d design, to add gradients and textures.

The first part of this project was to do research to draw upon a concept. I did google and found a lot of great pictures to draw inspiration from, but the best inspiration was actually going to the stores themselves.

I visted four stores for my research. One store was named Skiigan, where the sold modern, minimalist watch design. The nest store I visited for research was Fossil. The watches they had there was good, but it wasn’t what I was looking for unfortunately. But when I went to the store called INVICTA, a company famous for their aviator watch design, and also their pro diver watches. img_1042 img_1044 img_1046 img_1047 img_1048 img_1049 img_1053 img_1054 img_1056 img_1057 img_1058 img_1061

Market week help (7)

This week is the start of market week which means we have a lot to do, including sorting out designs, finalizing designs and gem choices, and what to display.

I was tasked to redesign the display model fo coleman watches. We did measurements and did tile printing in order to finish the project. This project that I was given was a solo one, mostly.

Knowing that this has to be perfect and a floor model, it made me hone cropping out the art work perfectly, matching each print out with the next one. The result was very good, and the art director liked the production.

Update (5)

While learning about how to design watches, I am also tasked with helping the staff with clerical duties as well as assist on their market week display models for their clients.

We had to recreate the display models because the printing company for this model was not printed out correctly. So my co worker helped me model it out on adobe illustrator and we did something i never thought was possible.

We printed out the display box sizes 20″ x 42″, we printed it out in tile format and we had to crop the shapes, mount it on adhesive paper, then cover the old display model.

It took a lot of work especially when the art work didn’t line up with the display model because of only “.mm” off. So it is very important to be exact.

What i’ve been learning so far (4)

After a couple days in my internship. I have learned that designing watches is no easy task. Of course the most important thing, is all about how you design the case of the watch. Once you have figured that out, the rest is pretty simple such as the bezel design as well as the lugs to hold the strap.

This is one of the watches i designed after learning and guided on designing a watch. I am enjoying this internship so far.


Culture at MZ Berger (3)

1Working at MZ Berger and the culture is a bit different than i expected. The attire is casual, there’s a range from cargo shorts to suits, im assuming based upon your position and department. I dress in my work pants (black slacks with crease) and a button up shirt. The work station for me is a big area and a iMac with an intern log in. The work area is also open cubicles, with the ability to personalize your space. Well most employees who work there usually go for lunch after 1pm or so, depending on who it is.

We also communicate primarily through employee/company emails.