Final Internship Project (8)

My supervisor has given me a project to finish up the last part of my internship. My project is to design a diving watch in full completion, from line work, to 2d design, to add gradients and textures.

The first part of this project was to do research to draw upon a concept. I did google and found a lot of great pictures to draw inspiration from, but the best inspiration was actually going to the stores themselves.

I visted four stores for my research. One store was named Skiigan, where the sold modern, minimalist watch design. The nest store I visited for research was Fossil. The watches they had there was good, but it wasn’t what I was looking for unfortunately. But when I went to the store called INVICTA, a company famous for their aviator watch design, and also their pro diver watches. img_1042 img_1044 img_1046 img_1047 img_1048 img_1049 img_1053 img_1054 img_1056 img_1057 img_1058 img_1061

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