My role in the machine (2)

The role that I am doing is helping finalize, edit, and design watches, specs, and ‘market week’ showroom. The name of my supervisor is Jiyeon Min and she is a designer. I applied to this internship curiously because I had never learned or reall read about product design and how much planning takes place before creating a watch for next season.

I came across this internship site on The application process was pretty simple, especially when there is a “quick apply” function on the website, so you could even apply on mobile.

I am not sure how many people were interviewed for this position, but it seems I was the only one that was offered the opportunity to intern for them. I only waited about a couple of days to a week in order to receive the offer.

Some questions that I was asked was the basic ones, but also how much did I know about product/packaging design.


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