• Cellphone use is not allowed in class unless is indicated by the professor
  • Quizzes are giving at the beginning of every class. Arriving late to class will also mean missing a quiz. Quizzes can not be retaken or taken at later times, so make an effort to be on time in every class.
  • Late assignments can be summited on the following class with one grade letter (ten points out of a hundred) reduction. For example an assignment which assigned grade was  89 points (which equals a B+ grade) will be decrease to a 79 points (which equals a C+ grade). No assignment will be evaluated if it is more than one week late.
  • Only Calculators will be allowed to use during the tests, no smart phones use at all during the tests.
  • No food or drinks allowed in the classroom
  • Only hand written will be allow for note taking. Laptops and personal tablets are not allow to be use during class.

Academic Integrity Policy (College Policy)

Students and all others who work with information, ideas, texts, images, music, inventions, and other intellectual property owe their audience and sources accuracy and honesty in using, crediting, and citing sources. As a community of intellectual and professional workers, the College recognizes its responsibility for providing instruction in information literacy and academic integrity, offering models of good practice, and responding vigilantly and appropriately to infractions of academic integrity. Accordingly, academic dishonesty is prohibited in The City University of New York and at New York City College of Technology and is punishable by penalties, including failing grades, suspension, and expulsion. The complete text of the College policy on Academic Integrity may be found in the catalog.

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