Week 2

Electrical production, AC vs DC, Power conversion, Semiconductors and LEDs and Batteries.


Assigned readings for Class#2 (Read before class!):

  1. All about Circuits AAC Chapter 14 – Permanent Magnets
  2. All about Circuits AAC Chapter 15 – Magnetic fields and inductance
  3. LG – Structure of Rechargeable battery
  4. Battery Safety and Protection overview – Texas Instruments

Other links to explore for class # 2

  1. lg-energy-solutions How solar panels work(Check out ultimate solar panels and what they can do) 
  2. Astera Titan Tube – Datasheet- Wireless Data and Power (Check out a top notch LED lighting fixture with one of the best power autonomies in the market)


Review the Lecture for Class #2  On blackboard

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Assigned Homework for Class #3

  1. Assigned reading
  2. Online quiz # 2 on Blackboard
  3. First draft of the E component Project due