Professors Montgomery and Leonard

Author: Rafael De Los Santos

Reflective Blog

Well after reading the three articles I have made my mind up that the Gowanus Canal will never be clean. The first article gives us some back ground on the Gowanus canal. They have been trying to clean the Gowanus canal for about 156 years. They come up with a plan to clean it see that its to expensive and change the plan to clean the canal for a cheaper one. As are trip to the canal we can tell its very polluted. It has a bad odor and personally I would not move near the canal. Well for me to say that the canal is clean I need to see clear water. They need to stop the sewer pipes from dumping waste in the canal. As New Yorkers we have every right to clean and protest to the government to clean the canal. We need to come together and show what a beautiful place the canal would be if it was clean. Also how healthy the environment would be, and the people living there.

Film reflection

While watching the films “My Brooklyn”, “Citizen Jane”, and “Human Scale” it was clear that people who share a common space tend to bond as a community. They come together to do community gatherings or activities. They become united whether its by listening to music, or by planning out cookouts. Despite the mass cultural diversity it’s the sense of community that brings everyone together. The lecture also represents cultural diversity. In the films, Robert Moses is portrayed as the villain who is responsible for the buildings that are getting destroyed. The new buildings that Robert Moses constructed were intended to stop people from gathering outside. In every neighborhood, there’s a haven or community center that keeps the neighboorhood supported and united. But Robert Moses does not agree that public space is this beautiful idea that people make it out to be. He believes it enables poverty. I think public spaces are essential places in a community and for its growth. I had never given public spaces much thought until I found myself occasionally sitting down relaxing while drinking my coffee at a near by park. I do believe public places are warm, friendly places that keep people united.


How would you rate your level of experience doing research in college?

I would rate my level of experiences as a 4/5 i have done multiple research paper and also have taken research classes.


What is your expectation for this class supporting your classes in your major?

My expectation for this class is to view New York City differently. To increases my researching skills. For a Human Services professional research is very important.