Professors Montgomery and Leonard

Film Reflection

The film My Brooklyn, Citizen Jane, Human Scale, and the special lecture all showed the importance of space for individuals. The three also showed the effects that people have on public issues. Individuals have lived and made public spaces theirs. The film showed the changes in overtime in certain areas and the way people were being pushed out in these areas. Many of the people in the film Human scale recalled being in the same place over many years and were now being pushed out because of rebuilding. The films also showed that people fight back for the space they consider theirs. Jane Jacobs was one of the many people who fought against these changes and actually won the fight. The special lecture also demonstrated the power of people. The Marching Cobras took over public space and shared their message through songs, dances, and unity.  I liked the special lecture, The Marching Cobras are a great example of how you can make an impact through cultural movement.


  1. Ronella Parma

    I enjoyed reading this reflection as Ana stated “people fight back for the space they consider theirs” and I believe this to be true. It seems a necessity for advocates, residents and community member to fight for their community as they are the individuals benefiting (or hurting) from their neighborhood changes. It was seen in these films that often proposed plans and changes came from those not in the community and often approved by those who had no idea what the community was like or what the community wanted. I also liked Ana’s statement of “The special lecture also demonstrated the power of people.” I agree with this statement and think the films also demonstrated this power as communities were fought for intensely!

  2. Ishwar Kamta

    I agree with the points stated in the film and by yourself. The city is for the people, bringing unwanted changes that people didn’t want just forces them out of the area and brings new people in the area. That ruins the origins of the city and area. It makes it less comfortable for the people living there as well.

  3. Rafael De Los Santos

    I agree with you Ana public spaces has a big effect on people. if people united and work together anything can be achieved. Public spaces also have an effect on people and let culture spread.

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