Professor Montgomery

Author: Bryan M

Final reflection

How important is the relationship between materials, structure, and design to you? How will you implement these relationships in the design studio?


the relationship is very important because understanding materials can help create a structure that you maybe not thought it was possible. As I’m creating my abstract design I will always now consider the structures skeleton as the shell so I can have a greater relation with my design.

Reflection 5&6

What do you appreciate about the different materials and how they work in structural systems?


we can appreciate that different materials can be useful for many things . Like for intense having  to have the option to choose what type of matirial you use for columns, beams , and girder.  And the all have different pro and cons but I appreciate that we can have that option.
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Reflection 4

Why is it important to understand the way exterior walls are put together? Why is there so much complexity with many different components?


it is very important because what goes inside a wall is what allows a structure to physically stand. Wall support the loads that are put on it because it can contain columns ,beams, girder, and what goes inside walls is very important to keeps us safe from heat,water, and wind.

Reflection 3

Why is masonry such an appealing material for construction?

masonry is appealing material because you can do so much with it and some masonry can be polish to be beautiful. Also masonry has much benefits we can gain in today’s construction, like helping to safe green house gasses maintain in the inner part of structures. most masonry materials are very durable because they deal with compression and tension very good.

Reflection 2

How will you integrate egress into your design work? What are the most important elements to consider when designing safe egress?

Integrating egress into my work will probably have a safe and easy access to it and more than one egress  by following the proper protocols. The most important elements I would take into consideration are safety protocols and to be able to have enough room for multiply people to go by. Also to make sure it exist to the Main Street where there’s space for people.

Reflection 1

What differentiates architecture from construction is that architecture are structures that have some type of art , and personal integration design, as for construction are the details of what a structure is made from. We can tell the difference from how a structure uniqueness  shows from other structures. How someone’s idea of how a living space should be that makes architecture different from construction.

Reflection #2

After reading #1 I learned that architecture is more than just the design of a structure, what I mean by that is there are many concept and details to make structures. For instence the way I view Architecture before was that the most important thing in a structure was creation a beautiful shell that everyone can see and admire, but reading #1 showed me that there is a system that comes with that  and that really open my mind on how Architecture is more than a beautiful design. the understanding that the skeleton of the structure is as important as the shell is. As well that it is very important what materials we use on the structured its what is the site as well. I believe that after reading a text we learn by reviewing it, and highlighting important things would be useful but after taking in consideration what Prof. Montgomery showed us in class I can say that the system that he has is very effective to capture and learn information better. from concept maps that lets us know what information is more important and what are supporting details that can support that , to analyzing the information and asking questions on the text you are reading.


My understanding of the concept map is that architecture has a beautiful complexion, and its made of different important keys that make a structure come together. Concept map helps us break down from what’s the main idea to supporting details of an idea. Concept map shows that architecture is a way to express creativity, lifestyle and imagination. Every detail matters from how we create the living space to what materials we use, to ensure that the structure is functional in every way. This is a guide to create a successful structure that is functional, strong, and beautiful.