After reading #1 I learned that architecture is more than just the design of a structure, what I mean by that is there are many concept and details to make structures. For instence the way I view Architecture before was that the most important thing in a structure was creation a beautiful shell that everyone can see and admire, but reading #1 showed me that there is a system that comes with that  and that really open my mind on how Architecture is more than a beautiful design. the understanding that the skeleton of the structure is as important as the shell is. As well that it is very important what materials we use on the structured its what is the site as well. I believe that after reading a text we learn by reviewing it, and highlighting important things would be useful but after taking in consideration what Prof. Montgomery showed us in class I can say that the system that he has is very effective to capture and learn information better. from concept maps that lets us know what information is more important and what are supporting details that can support that , to analyzing the information and asking questions on the text you are reading.