Week #3-Networking (Design for reABILITY)

The¬†virtual¬†event was about¬†two¬†companies introducing their human centered designs for people with¬†disabilities.¬†The¬†focus for these companies is independence for people with disabilities,¬†wanting to feel like their own person without the assistance with something practical they¬†can¬†do.¬†Among the goal of independence is also¬†giving the¬†consumer¬†confidence,¬†one of the¬†companies Wear-Ologie¬†introduced their product being magnetic buttons.¬†The magnetic buttons will be a replacement for standard¬†buttons,¬†and it simplifies the¬†user’s¬†life,¬†enabling¬†for people with disabilities¬†can do it on their own. Moreover,¬†the¬†company TREND|ABLE¬†differs¬†by taking into¬†combining fashion and¬†having a disability. Their slogan is¬†Where Your Disability Is Not¬†an¬†Accessory, targeting those not hiding their disability with their clothes but embracing it. Dressing how you¬†want,¬†and your disability should not stop you from doing so, it is adapting fashion that can be wearable as well have function.¬†