Week 13-

I was to refine the quotes and design and create more gifs, there was a lack of communication due from both sides. Eventually, I had a talk with my boss and we discussed how to get back on track and the next step was to brainstorm some ideas for future use of the app called Tiktok.

Week #12 –

I have gotten the basic concept of how to compose the Instagram post, what I did different was to show different designs. I got nervous at the beginning and skipped out of showing the process of me understanding what I have done. This time I created a pdf explaining why I chose to create a quote and showed multiple designs that can go with said quote. After a call, I got helpful feedback of what works and doesn’t, as well as what the next step is for me to work on.

Week #8- Design Work

I work under the CEO/founder of the company and all of my designs go through them, continuing with creating posts for Instagram. I created some quotes for copywriting and based off that¬† I would choose an image or icon that’ll compliment it. The composition is centered but after going back and forth conversing, it was best to use realistic images rather than icons. I still find it a struggle to bring that feminine touch onto my work, although I do understand the aesthetic to it. Other than the overall composition for an Instagram post, I needed to create a short video or a gif. I had to use motion design in order to appeal an elegant tone to the post. The font the company uses that of a script and sans serif, I had to do some research how to achieve that elegant hand writing effect.

Week #7 – First Week of Internship


During my first week of internship I was introduced into the company and what my duties will be. The overall brand is minimalistic, Parisian style, and feminine, a company that guides women to become the great entrepreneur they can be. My duties consisted of getting familiar with the brand image, where I created a mood board in Pinterest, which helped me as a guide. I know what it is to be minimalistic but to bring forth the chic or feminine side I really had to search. Even so, the company is very adamant of having a feminine Parisian style, I looked through their social media, specifically Instagram, and they have their designs centered and their goal being spreading positive messages. The aesthetic matches the brand name and it was nerve wracking for me because I had to brainstorm quotes that will appear on their page if approved. I have weekly check-ins and explain what I have been working on or get contacted of what the next step will be.


I got an interview from one of the places that contacted me, I did my research a few days prior to the interview. The name of the company is She Heals the World, they help women entrepreneurs build their business. We had previously gone in class the guidance of what can happen in an interview, I tried not to overthink my responses of what might be said to me because it would not sound natural. The interview would take place by phone call and I was scheduled to call at a certain time, fortunately I was able to say respond to what I was asked even though I was nervous. I was told that I got the internship and that I will be contacted on Friday (the interview was on Wednesday).  

Moreover, for the second networking event I decided to join a rather relatable event, throughout the month of September to October it is Hispanic Heritage month. The event that I joined is AIGA Unidos presents Hispanic Heritage Talks: The Student Panel. Hosted by Dio Jensen along with some students that talked about their experience as designers. They discussed how the incorporation of their ethnicity and their sexual orientation onto their work, displaying and validating that to make yourself shine. In other words, own up to your own uniqueness, whatever stands out about you make it work for you and your designs. 


I continued to work on my resume and cover letter, the next step was creating my portfolio. I did meet up with Professor Goetz during the weekend and receive a lot of feedback that will really improve all of what I need to apply for internships. Going into week five I began applying from different kinds of websites, I previously had made a LinkedIn and Indeed accounts. In the few days coming I had received from two places that wanted to see a sample of my work by giving me instructions of redesigning or something that illustrates their style. 


For this week I worked on my resume and had previously discussed during class with Professor Goetz and since I lacked experience, I was suggested to fill my resume with joining clubs and course work. In the meantime, I also worked on my cover letter and researched on websites provided to us to look for internships. As taking into consideration of what Professor Goetz has been posting in the Open lab for course.   

Week #3-Networking (Design for reABILITY)

The¬†virtual¬†event was about¬†two¬†companies introducing their human centered designs for people with¬†disabilities.¬†The¬†focus for these companies is independence for people with disabilities,¬†wanting to feel like their own person without the assistance with something practical they¬†can¬†do.¬†Among the goal of independence is also¬†giving the¬†consumer¬†confidence,¬†one of the¬†companies Wear-Ologie¬†introduced their product being magnetic buttons.¬†The magnetic buttons will be a replacement for standard¬†buttons,¬†and it simplifies the¬†user’s¬†life,¬†enabling¬†for people with disabilities¬†can do it on their own. Moreover,¬†the¬†company TREND|ABLE¬†differs¬†by taking into¬†combining fashion and¬†having a disability. Their slogan is¬†Where Your Disability Is Not¬†an¬†Accessory, targeting those not hiding their disability with their clothes but embracing it. Dressing how you¬†want,¬†and your disability should not stop you from doing so, it is adapting fashion that can be wearable as well have function.¬†