Week #7 – First Week of Internship


During my first week of internship I was introduced into the company and what my duties will be. The overall brand is minimalistic, Parisian style, and feminine, a company that guides women to become the great entrepreneur they can be. My duties consisted of getting familiar with the brand image, where I created a mood board in Pinterest, which helped me as a guide. I know what it is to be minimalistic but to bring forth the chic or feminine side I really had to search. Even so, the company is very adamant of having a feminine Parisian style, I looked through their social media, specifically Instagram, and they have their designs centered and their goal being spreading positive messages. The aesthetic matches the brand name and it was nerve wracking for me because I had to brainstorm quotes that will appear on their page if approved. I have weekly check-ins and explain what I have been working on or get contacted of what the next step will be.