University Ave Complex is a multi-purpose residential building that sits on the edge of University Ave and West Burnside Ave in the Bronx. The project was a proposal to NYCHA for one of their many properties in the Bronx. The challenges for this project was to develop a phasing plan that would allow for simultaneous construction of the new building and housing the current occupants in addition to accounting for a population increase of 20%.

top down view of lot 5

interior lot

physical model

physical model long shot

physical model interior lot

The concept for my design is derived from the neighborhood of the site itself and embodies the context of the area as well as the vibrancy and sense of community of the neighborhood. The design incorporates these elements by using the repeating context of the neighborhood such as courtyards, communal spaces, and color while simultaneously incorporating sustainable elements such as vegetation, reuse of materials and change of street context. Vast amounts of communal and outdoor spaces decrease the need for private balconies and allow for interaction between residents staying with the idea of community. As a result of this planter boxes are used on the facade of the building allowing the residents to be apart of the design by being able to choose a planter box for their respective apartments which vary in size as well as color.

market entrance, view from lobby

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