The concept for WedLock Boutique was to go beyond the conventional idea of separation when it comes to the preparation for a wedding. This marital boutique would be a place where both grooms and brides to be interior spacescan purchase everything they need for their look on their big day at the same place. Wedlock Boutique would be ideal for “couple shopping” but still exhibits enough space for those who wish to shop by themselves. The facility includes a rooftop bar and lounge, a space for customers to relax and have a drink or two and socialize  and an on-site tailoring not only for customers to have their suits and dresses tailored right after purchasing but the entire processes can also be viewed by anyone in the store since the “tailoring booth” is a glass box. Getting married is already a stressful preparation process, my goal is to at least make looking your best easy for the big day.

long section cutting through central stairway


short sections cutting through the central stairway